Saturday, April 20, 2013

Turmeric Time

That´s how most of us know store bought turmeric - as a yellow powder

But it actually comes from a gingerlike root - Curcuma Longa

It starts from a plant like these - the leaves should be dry (mine are not quite yet)

Dig the small roots out to your joy!

Such a delight to see these wonderful "gold from earth" - as it is known in certain parts of Brazil - sunbathing

For culinary use, I can just smash it, cut it or grate it into the cooking rice or stews. But if I want to store it in a powder form, I heard, I need to boil, dry and grate. Some people just sun dry it before grating. In either case, you will be rewarded with bright yellow tainted palms just like Moroccan women.

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