Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Full Steam

Full steam, or should I say "full smoke"? I am back baking full power. Not always in my wood fired oven, sometimes due to time crunch or because sometimes I need a more reliable oven. To tell you the truth, I have not mastered the wood firing system and I can´t trust myself the oven is going to be ready by the time the dough is. That´s why making pizza is so easy - you can keep feeding the fire until the pie is ready to go.
This time I played with new recipes such as sweet potato bun, pesto potato bread, semolina bread, hamburger bun, and the two great findings: foccacia made from overnight poolish (www.breadcetera.com) and English muffin, which it is not strictly baking, but it is bread. The recipe from www.macheesmo.com directed to stick the fried muffin into the oven so to finish cooking. Great tip! It made superb Eggs Benedict. Semolina bread was also from the same guy. I had never been able to make such a nicely dense bread in texture, yet light in taste. This was good with mortadela (better kind of bologna).
Sweet Potato Buns from http://blogmaetocomfome.blogspot.com.br/2013/05/pao-de-batata-doce.html (In Portuguese)
Pesto Potato Bread from don´t know where recipe...
40-Minute Hamburger Buns from http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/40-minute-hamburger-buns
Foccacia from http://www.breadcetera.com/?tag=focaccia

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