Thursday, January 28, 2010

February 4, 2009 - Of Mistakes

Feb.4, 2009
Of mistakes, oh dear, I got many of them. Most of them for wanting to take short cuts. I bought several different kinds of seeds, with some of them needing to be planted in the boxes first. I have planted all that could be done by direct sowing, but tomatoes, bell pepper, and about 6 other vegetable seed envelopes are resting somewhere. As much as I could, I try to make a little hole and drop some seeds. But a few of them, I just spread the seeds. I placed the envelope nearby so I would know what it was. I rained, hard. I can’t remember what I had sowed for some of them. But the worst thing is not forgetting the name of the plant, but not knowing if anything was planted on that spot.
1. Not reading the manual closely and remembering the recommendations
2. Not preparing the soil with compost or manure
3. Not observing the season for sowing
4. Not eliminating all weeds
5. Not allowing the weeds grow to be eliminated before sowing
6. Not using planters
7. Not taking notes of dates and places of sowing
8. Not placing tutoring
9. Not observing companion plants
10. Plucking weeds too close to the sprouts and uprooting the new plants
11. Not starting a compost pile or rot manure
12. Watering with strong jets
13. Not combating pests

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